Larry Farley

Instagram: @larryfarley

“I really enjoy focusing more on my custom work, whether tattoos or murals. Every time someone comes to me with a unique or even silly idea I am really reminded of how much I love the industry. I enjoy learning from other artists and admiring other artists work. I am also a family man and enjoy fishing and kayaking in my spare time.”

Tattoo artist + Founder

Larry has been tattooing since 2005 and an independent artist for as long as he can remember. He has worked with some of the industry’s leading artists and has spent time getting involved in the art community through galleries and painting competitions. He has won awards for his work and has been recognized in leading publications. One thing you’ll notice when working with Larry is that he’s passionate about the work, he is very humble, and he loves his family.

Professional Accolades

Professionally Licensed. Award-winning work. Named Best Tattoo Artist in Detroit 2018 By Expertise.