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The minimum age we will tattoo is 18. We generally price custom tattoos and drawings by the hour. The final cost of the tattoo is estimated by anticipating how much time is involved with the project. Factors for estimating your tattoo include size, color, detail, location on the body and participation of the client. Any changes to tattoo designs, etc. may add to the end cost of the tattoo.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas and to estimate the amount of time to schedule.

Please keep in mind that quoting tattoo time is not an exact science and it is only an ESTIMATE.

Please consult your doctor to make sure your medication complies with tattooing. Anyone taking blood thinners and antibiotics should not get tattooed.

Some concepts (like a portrait) are very straightforward, while other concepts may entail a lot of research and design. It is important to be able to describe the concept of your tattoo in only a few words, a couple of sentences or even a basic sketch. Should you find yourself needing more than a couple of lines to describe the concept of your tattoo, you will need to speak to me in person. In the case that changes need to be made to the initial design(s), that can be arranged as well.

If you would like a straightforward portrait of someone or a re-creation of something specific such as painting, please attach a CLEAR – NON-BLURRY – HIGH RESOLUTION – reference photo(s), which have preferably not been taken with a cell phone. Please understand that we will not re-create a copy of any other tattoo artists art or tattoos and due to copyrights we are unable to re-create another artist’s artwork without their permission. However, we are more than happy to use these as inspiration and concepts for a totally new design.


You will need to leave a deposit at the studio. A deposit must be made before an appointment can be generated. You can do this in person or over the phone using a credit card. The cost of a deposit varies depending on the design. Once a deposit is made, the receptionist on staff or myself will schedule an appointment for you. Please schedule responsibly as deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. Deposits are for tattoo appointments only, and for the design and area of body agreed upon. The deposit is completely non-refundable and will be deducted off of the overall cost of the tattoo.

For tattoos that require more than one session, the deposit will NOT be deducted from the overall cost until the final/last appointment.

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