About Us

Collective Studios Ink was created for those who love all types of art forms – from tattoos to paintings. We truly value the tight-knit community and artistic work of those around us. As a result, you will receive an exceptional, high-quality, piece of forever art and a fun and friendly experience during your time here.

High-Quality Tattoos

Our service spectrum encompasses many different techniques and artistic styles. Our artist(s) have done exceptional work in black and grey scale tattoos as well as full color pieces. So, whether you need a small, quick tattoo, a cover-up, or a large-scale custom sleeve or back piece – we can do that for you! One thing you can count on is our honesty, integrity and quality of work.

Safety Standards

Our studio has a relaxed and easy atmosphere and is held to the highest standards for safety and health. For this reason, we use only disposable, pre-sterilized equipment for our tattoos. Additionally, our studio is licensed by the Oakland County Health Department and inspected regularly. So come on in for an appointment with one of our artists or just stop in to browse our local art gallery. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Meet Our Team

Larry Farley

artist + founder

Larry has been tattooing since 2005 and an independent artist for as long as he can remember. He has worked with some of the industry’s leading artists and has spent time getting involved in the art community through galleries and painting competitions. He has won awards for his work and has been recognized in leading publications. One thing you’ll notice when working with Larry is that he’s passionate about the work, he is very humble, and he loves his family.

Dayna Renae

studio manager

Dayna brings a full career of customer service to Collective Studios Ink and has specifically been working diligently in the tattoo industry since 2013. Her friendly and knowledgeable approach provides a genuine and informative experience that is considered rare. She supports in day to day operations, correspondence, scheduling, and social media updates.

Visit Our Studio

Our tattoo studio and art gallery is a relaxed and easy atmosphere and is held to the highest standards for safety, health and quality of work.